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The tool can be used by individuals or teams to brainstorm and select evaluation questions that align with your initiative's goals and outputs. If you are new to this area, please explore About the Tool.

To use the tool:

  1. Scroll down to the perspective and outcome of interest.

  2. Click on the outcome, sample question, or sample indicator slide box to open it. Click on the slide box a second time to close it.

  3. After completing your selections, press "Ctrl+P" (or “command+P” if you’re using a Mac) to save or print a hard copy record of your selections.

Please reach out to the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Learning Health System Team for additional help with the tool or your initiative.


Patients - Accessibility

Ease with which health and wellness services are reached

  • Median wait time

  • Patients' connections to community resources

  • Patients' experiences accessing services

  • Percent of patients seen through different mediums (e.g., online vs in-person)

  • The difference in these indicators between groups or over time (e.g., from baseline)

Are patients able to obtain care when and where they need it?

Patients - Accessibility


Patients - Effectiveness

Care that is known to achieve intended outcomes

  • Median hospital length of stay

  • Percent of patients re-admitted within 30 days

  • Percent of patients with clinically meaningful indicators (e.g., high blood pressure, overweight)

  • Percent of patients who visited the emergency department within 30 days of discharge

  • Rates of morbidity and/or mortality

  • The difference in these indicators between groups over time (e.g., from baseline)

Are expected patient outcomes being achieved?


Patients - Accessibility

Patients - Accessibility

Patients - Accessibility

Patients - effectiveness


Patients - safety

Avoiding harm and fostering security

  • Patients' perceptions of safety when receiving care

  • Percent of patients screened for injury risk

  • Percent of patients who had adverse outcomes (by type)

  • Percent of patients whose medications were reviewed prior to discharge

  • The difference in these indicators between groups or over time (e.g., from baseline)

Do patients feel safe when receiving care?

Alternative - Do services prevent or minimize harm to patients?

Patients - safety


Patients - equity

Fair distribution of services according to need

  • Existing gap in Effectiveness, Accessibility, Acceptability indicators over time

  • Change between groups' Effectiveness, Accessibility, Acceptability Indicators over time

  • Improvement in groups' Effectiveness, Accessibility, Acceptability indicators compared to baseline

  • Patients' perceptions of differences in care between groups

Do services improve health, access to care and/or acceptability of care for groups in need?

Alternative - Does the innovation improve health, access to care, and/or acceptability of care for groups in need?

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